Riding Lessons with Terrie Douglas

Beginning Riding / Beginning Dressage

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The basics, the foundation of good riding is all the same. Whether you wish to learn to ride to go out on trails and have fun or you have dreams of competing, the basics are all the same.

I specialize in the beginning, the foundation, the seat. If you just have not ridden in a long while and wish to begin again, or if you have never been on a horse before I can help you be secure in the saddle.

It's called a 'seat' and having a correct one makes you more secure and your horse will be happier too.

I have ridden most of my life but began a more serious study of classical dressage many years ago under the training of Don Paulhus. I have to say that Don is by far one of the most talented riders I have ever seen. Horses come to life around him, he adores them all, and they adore him. I will not live long enough to learn all of what this man would have to teach!!

I have also studied various forms of natural methods of working with horses, one of which I really practice with my own horses and it has made a huge difference in them. It really is all about the relationship, if that is what you want to have anyway.

I use mostly the classical training and teaching method I have learned in my riding lessons, but will happily add in lessons on how to longe and general handling, etc. as desired.And even though it's based in dressage it is the very foundation of riding, so whether you slap on a western saddle or a close contact to crest a 5 foot fence, a seat is a seat is a seat.

I don't profess to be able to teach all of what I have learned either. I happily share what I know and help those that want to learn. When we reach the limit of what I can help you with I will recommend new people to go and learn from.

A correct seat is a more secure seat, and a more effective seat. It allows the horse to move freely and willingly.... less is SO much more!

This is an unsolicited comment about my ability and teaching from a classical dressage trainer that is also a friend, Shaana Risley, who also took many of the photos on this page:

" I'm so GLAD/*happy dance!* -- that YOU are TEACHING! Your theories are some of the best around.. and if I had to send anyone for basics.. I'd send them to you.. because you truly know how to be a partner with your animal.. and there are no gimmicks about it.. just love love LOVE, and asoft feel.. and learning to ride in a balanced manner so you don't "interfere" with your horse! I can't stress enough how important transitions and lateral work are for a horse and rider... and YOU DO YOUR HOMEWork... OR IT WOULD NOT HAVE SHOWN IN THE PICS... "

In the beginning...

I begin all lessons on one of my horses and on the longe. This way you can work on you without having to worry about what the horse is doing. Once you have gained a nice independent seat we can then progress onto your own horse, or you can stay with one of mine.